Brewery Tour Bus - Atlanta Beer Bus
Atlanta Beer Bus tours Atlanta breweries with the first ever Atlanta brewery shuttle service for all you lovers of Atlanta Breweries! For $15/day hop-on and hop-off a safe shuttle bus and sample the best that our Atlanta's brewery tour routes has to offer.
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Sober GACraftBeer




Thank you to everyone that booked. At this time, all time slots have been claimed. Please check back until Thursday March 4, 2021 to see if we have any cancellations. Breweries will still be open on March 6, celebrating GA Craft Beer Day and many will have glasses for sale. Cheers!


To celebrate Georgia Craft Beer Day 2021, the Atlanta Beer Bus is offering a special West Midtown experience! For $50 per person, we’ll take you to SEVEN breweries, provide a full pour (and limited edition glass), VIP space for your group at each taproom, and 20% off drinks after that for the entire day.


Click here for more info.

Welcome Friends

Born out of a love for beer, Atlanta, and the fine breweries our city has to offer, we bring to you the Atlanta Beer Bus. A HOP-on/HOP-off party shuttle servicing Atlanta’s most delicious breweries for as low as $10 per person all day!

We create expertly curated routes for our Atlanta beer enthusiasts to help take the guesswork out of touring local breweries. Visit and sample beer at the finest local brewing establishments in Atlanta without worrying about a designated driver or deciding which breweries to hit.

What we offer

ATL Grown

The Atlanta Beer Bus team has deep homegrown roots and knowledge about everything Atlanta from our city’s institutions to off-the-beaten path adventures.

Reliable & Safe Transport

Bring your own party! Our bus is equipped with comfortable, heated/air conditioned group seating, great music, and friendly and knowledgeable drivers.

Beer Knowledgeable

We know, you want to try it ALL. Atlanta Beer Bus gives you the freedom to sample all the best each brewery on our route has to offer – just sit back and let us do the navigating!

Our routes

  • Friday (4:00 PM - 10:00 PM) - CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

    Midtown Marta Station, Urban Tree Cidery, Steady Hand Beer Company, Second Self Beer Company, Scofflaw Brewing, Atlanta Brewing

  • Saturday (12:00 PM - 10:00 PM) - Reservations Required, $50 in advance

    Four 4-hour Guided Tours to offer a variety of start times and breweries. Tours also include a drink at each location (3 total tickets), a personal Beer Nerd, and bottled water.

  • Sunday (1:00 PM - 8:00 PM) - CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

    Customer choice of 3 different HOP-on/HOP-off routes: West Midtown, Decatur, and Marietta.

View gallery

View gallery

Check out some of the beautiful breweries Atlanta has to offer!



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