FAQ - Atlanta Beer Bus
Atlanta Beer Bus tours Atlanta breweries with the first ever Atlanta brewery shuttle service for all you lovers of Atlanta Breweries! For $15/day hop-on and hop-off a safe shuttle bus and sample the best that our Atlanta's brewery tour routes has to offer.
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How does the Atlanta Beer Bus work?

Our buses run in a continuous loop along a predetermined route (think a typical city bus) between Atlanta breweries. The major difference is that you only pay $15 for the entire day, not per leg of the route. You can HOP-on/HOP-off as much as you want  You can choose to stop at a location or stay on the bus until the next stop. It’s like a Choose Your Own Adventure…for BEER!


What can I expect from a day with the Atlanta Beer Bus?

The earlier in the day you start, the more you get to experience! On Fridays, you should be able to visit 5-6 locations depending on how long you decide to stay at each location. On Saturdays, you could get up to 7-8 and Sundays, you could get to 4-5. The later in the day you start, the less the number of locations you will be able to visit. We recommend you get your wristband as early in the day as possible! If you are adventurous enough to attempt the entire route in one day, tag us on Instagram with a picture of you clearly identifying each location and there may be a prize for you (@atlbeerbus & #atlbeerbus).


Our Beer Nerds are essentially tour guides while you’re on the bus. Once we get to a location, they’ll HOP off too and make a quick search for any other riders who are ready to move to the next location, then HOP back on the bus. This keeps our buses moving and ensures we arrive at each location every 40-45 minutes. If you’re currently on the route, you can text 770-696-6080 your location for a bus ETA.


When the buses stop running they head back home, so make sure you’ve arrived at your final location before the buses stop running (this location could easily be different than where you started). We will also keep you updated on location closing times, so you can plan accordingly.


What’s included for the $15?

We provide safe, reliable transportation between Atlanta’s best breweries/cideries/distilleries. For the $15 daily fare, you get HOP-on/HOP-off access on ANY Atlanta Beer Bus. You don’t have to get back on the same bus that dropped you off. While on the bus, our Beer Nerds will entertain and educate you on the stops on our route. From the craft beer novice to the experienced home brewer, we’ll be able to provide you with insights to make your brewery visits more enjoyable.


How is Atlanta Beer Bus different from the other brewery buses in town?

We like the idea of “Choose Your Own Beer Adventure.” We don’t limit which breweries you get to visit, we don’t dictate how long you can stay at each location, and we get you straight to the beer (skipping the brewery tours). Our Beer Nerds will give you all the information you need to know about the next stop BEFORE you get there, so you know exactly which tap to head to once the bus stops.


How do I get on the Atlanta Beer Bus?

Since this is a Choose Your Own Beer Adventure, you can start at any one of our stops. There is a parking lot next to Park Tavern for those riding with a Designated Driver and we stop at the Midtown Marta station for those riding the rails. Once you decide you want to venture to another brewery, HOP on the next Atlanta Beer Bus you see. If this is your first time on the bus that day, we will collect your payment and issue you a wristband good for that day. If you already have a wristband for that day, just show it to the Beer Nerd at the bus and HOP on. You do not need to get off the bus at all the locations, you can stay on until your desired stop. Our Beer Nerds might even get you interested in a location where you didn’t expect to stop!


How often do the buses stop at each location?

We have 3 buses running on the route during operating hours, which means you should see an Atlanta Beer Bus every 40-45 minutes. You can ride any of the buses, you are not tied to one bus (although you may find a favorite Driver or Beer Nerd and want to hang with them all day). If you’re currently on the route, you can text 770-696-6080 your location for a bus ETA.


How do I buy a wristband?

You have two options. You can click above on the Shop tab and purchase passes for the day you intend to ride. Any cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior to the start of operations for the selected day (e.g. By noon on Friday for a Saturday ride). Otherwise, the first time you ride our bus on any given day, we will collect your payment and issue you a wristband that’s good for the remainder of that day. We accept all major credit cards and cash (our buses have limited change, so credit card is preferred). Beer Nerds will be walking around each location when the bus arrives selling wristbands, too!


Can I pre-purchase my wristband?

Yes! Please click the Shop tab above and select the date and number of riders you would like to purchase. For Gift Certificate options, please email info@atlantabeerbus.com.


What if I lose my wristband?

Oh no!! We’ll all stop and pour out a little beer for your dead wristband. Unfortunately, lost wristbands cannot be replaced. You will need to buy a new one…it’s worth it.


How many passengers do your buses hold?

We have two buses that seat 14 passengers, with handrails for a few standing passengers. For groups over 10, we suggest riding on Friday or Sunday. Saturdays are our busiest days and we cannot guarantee that your group can stay together if we have over 18 people waiting at a location for a bus. Also, for groups over 10 riders, we cannot guarantee you will be able to skip stops. We will do what we can to accommodate, but we may have to pick up riders at the stop(s) you want to skip. This is to make sure all of our passengers have the opportunity to board a bus at every 45-minute interval. We do offer private shuttles so your group can stay together for the day. This will require a signed agreement at least one week prior to the ride date and a deposit at the time of signing. Email info@atlantabeerbus.com for more information.


Can I drink my beer on the Atlanta Beer Bus?

Sorry, no. For insurance and legal reasons, we cannot allow drinking alcohol on the bus. You are more than welcome to bring closed package alcohol that you purchase at one of our locations, but it must remain sealed while on the bus. Failure to comply with this rule will result in immediate dismissal from the bus and revocation of your wristband. Laws suck.


Can my pet ride with me on the Atlanta Beer Bus?

Sorry, no. Being in a confined space, we cannot guarantee the temperment of animals or the allergies of other riders. The only exception is fully-certified Service Animals.


What are the food options while on the Atlanta Beer Bus?

Although the Atlanta Beer Bus itself does not have food options, Park Tavern has a full restaurant and most breweries have food vendors on Saturdays. A few will have food on Fridays and most do not have food on Sundays. The schedules vary, so please check with your Beer Nerds when you get on the bus. We also offer a Beer & Tacos package good for one pass on the Atlanta Beer Bus and a trifecta of tacos from The Real Mexican Vittles. See the Shop tab for more information.


Can I use the same wristband for multiple days?

Sorry, no. The wristbands are color-coded for a specific date and cannot be used for multiple days. The wristbands switch each week, so you will need to get a new one each day you want to ride the Atlanta Beer Bus.


Are there age restrictions for the Atlanta Beer Bus?

As most of our locations are family-friendly, so are we. All riders must be 18 or older to purchase a wristband and ride alone. Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a paying parent or guardian. Children 12 and under are admitted free, with a paying parent or guardian on a one child per paying adult basis. Our full Terms and Conditions can be found here


Can I reserve the Atlanta Beer Bus for me and my friends?

Yes! We now offer private charters and the Atlanta Beer Limo Experience. Please email info@atlantabeerbus.com for more information and pricing on charters.


The Atlanta Beer Limo Experience: For up to 5 people, you can have a Luxury SUV to yourself for the day. Stay as long as you like at each location and the Limo will be waiting to take you to the next stop. The price includes the driver, a Beer Nerd, and pick-up/drop-off at a designated location of your choice (within a determined service area), but does not include beer at the breweries. Initial Pickup/Drop-off location can be off of our route, but stops throughout the day are limited to our current partner locations. Price: $250, available Friday and Sunday only.


What about all the other delicious breweries in Atlanta?

We’re constantly creating new routes to tie into our existing service so you can experience even more of Atlanta beer. Stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for announcements on our expansion.


Is there an app to track the buses or provide other amazing information from Atlanta Beer Bus?

Coming Soon!!! If you’re currently on the route, you can text 770-696-6080 your location for a bus ETA.


Is there anything else I need to know about riding the Atlanta Beer Bus?

Our full Terms and Conditions can be found here