FAQ - Atlanta Beer Bus
Atlanta Beer Bus tours Atlanta breweries with the first ever Atlanta brewery shuttle service for all you lovers of Atlanta Breweries! For $15/day hop-on and hop-off a safe shuttle bus and sample the best that our Atlanta's brewery tour routes has to offer.
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How do I ride the Atlanta Beer Bus?

Choose Your Adventure!

  1. HOP-on/HOP-off Shuttles: Every Friday and Sunday, we offer HOP-on/HOP-off continuous shuttles. For as low as $10, you get all-day access to the buses to take you between breweries. Buses arrive at each location roughly every 45 minutes. See the Routes pages for full schedules. These are currently unavailable.
  2. Guided Tours: We offer four different 4-hour tours for up to 14 riders each. The cost is $60/person ($50/person in advance), which includes a drink at each stop (3 total), and a personal Beer Nerd for expert tips at each stop. The start/end breweries and stops vary, you can find the details here.
  3. Private Charters: If you’d like a bus to yourself for your group, we offer private charters every day of the week. All private charters have a minimum duration of 4 hours and availability will depend on requested stop operating hours. For quotes and availability, please submit a request on our Private Charter page.


How do I buy passes?

You can find the different pass options on the Book Now tab of our website or the Book Now button in the bottom right of every page. There is a $5 discount ($10 for Saturday) for buying passes online at least 1 day in advance. No code is necessary, prices automatically go up (Fri $15, Sat $60, Sun $20) after midnight.


Why not just take an Uber/Lyft?

Great question! First, we’ve calculated the estimated fare for our entire Friday/Sunday routes and it’s about $75 (without surge pricing). For even a group of 3, this is a much better deal. Plus, if you have more than 3 in your group, it’s a great way to keep everyone together. We partner with Lyft to offer 50% (max $5) off your ride home if you take Lyft to/from one of our partner breweries. Convenient AND inexpensive!


How do I receive my passes once I’ve bought them online?

After you make your purchase, your name will be added to our reservation list. For the HOP-on/HOP-off routes, we will issue your wristbands when you board the bus for the first time. For the Guided Tours, we ask that you arrive 15-30 minutes in advance and we will issue your wristbands at that time. This is also a great opportunity to drink at your start/end location.


What’s included for the price?

We provide safe, reliable transportation between Atlanta’s best breweries/cideries/distilleries. For Fridays and Sundays, you get HOP-on/HOP-off access on ANY Atlanta Beer Bus. You don’t have to get back on the same bus that dropped you off. While on the bus, our Beer Nerds will entertain and educate you on the stops you’ll visit. From the craft beer novice to the experienced home brewer, we’ll be able to provide you with insights to make your brewery visits more enjoyable.

For Saturday Guided Tours, we also include a drink at each stop (not including the start/end location) and bottled water.


Why does the site say there are less than 14 passes available for purchase?

As passes sell, the available amount decreases. The current available number are the seats we have remaining for that Tour. For example, if the site says there are only 10 passes available, then we have already booked 4 passes. Our Tours start selling about 2 weeks before the scheduled date, so we recommend booking as early as possible to make sure there are enough seats for your group.


How do I know when the bus will arrive at each location?

Our buses run in a continuous loop, which means you should see an Atlanta Beer Bus every 45-60 minutes. Full schedules are listed on our Routes pages. Space is first come, first served and buses adhere to the posted schedules. Please close your tabs and allow yourself ample time to get on the bus.


What if I lose my wristband?

Oh no!! We’ll all stop and pour out a little beer for your dead wristband. Unfortunately, lost wristbands cannot be replaced. You will need to buy a new one…it’s worth it. The early purchase discount will not apply to replacement wristbands.


How many passengers do your buses hold?

Our bus seats 14 passengers, with handrails. Space on the buses is first come, first served. Once the bus is full, additional riders will have to wait for the next departure time. If you plan to ride, buy your pass online early to ensure lower wait times.


Can I drink my beer on the Atlanta Beer Bus?

Sorry, no. For insurance and legal reasons, we cannot allow drinking alcohol on the bus. You are more than welcome to bring closed package alcohol that you purchase at one of our locations, but it must remain sealed while on the bus. Failure to comply with this rule will result in immediate dismissal from the bus and revocation of your wristband. Laws suck.


Can my pet ride with me on the Atlanta Beer Bus?

Sorry, no. Being in a confined space, we cannot guarantee the temperament of animals or the allergies of other riders. The only exception is fully-certified Service Animals (no ESA).


What are the food options while on the Atlanta Beer Bus?

Although the Atlanta Beer Bus itself does not have food options, Most breweries have food vendors on Saturdays. On Sundays, many of our stops have full restaurants. A few will have food on Fridays. The schedules vary, so please check with your Beer Nerds when you get on the bus.


Can I reserve the Atlanta Beer Bus for me and my friends?

Yes! We do offer private charters for groups to customize their experience. For quotes and availability, please submit a request on our Private Charter page. Charters have a duration minimum of 4 hours. In most cases on Saturdays, we recommend our existing Guided Tours.


Is there anything else I need to know about riding the Atlanta Beer Bus?

Our full Terms and Conditions can be found here

US Department of Transportation Number 3088632

Georgia Department of Public Safety Number 8731

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